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With Integrated Credit Card Processing

Casio Electronic Cash Register

Harbortouch presents the first electronic cash register with integrated credit card processing. This exclusive technology now delivers the ultimate payment solution and it’s yours free of charge! Designed with the most demanding restaurant and retail environments in mind, this ECR delivers rugged hardware and stylish design while offering a wide range of useful features. Additionally, the keyboard layout can be customized through a simple and easy to use online wizard, allowing you to know the exact specifications of your register before it ever reaches your doorstep. Complete with cash drawer and backlit customer display, this electronic cash register is the perfect solution for any retail or restaurant establishment.

Integrated Payment Processing

Each electronic cash register comes complete with a secure PCI card payments. This secure device supports either dial-up or ethernet connectivity and its sleek, compact design fits easily in the palm of your hand. With a wide array of convenient features including guest check tracking, it is the perfect device to streamline your electronic payment system.


  • Accept all major credit cards directly through your electronic cash register, including Visa, Master Card,
    Discover® Network and American Express
  • Track your daily cash, check and credit card sales as well as taxable and non taxable sales
  • Customizable keypad layout with a simple, userfriendly online wizard
  • Guaranteed replacement cash register if yours breaks or malfunctions, completely free of charge
  • Dial-up or ethernet connection
  • Large LCD display and backlit customer display
  • Multi-application support
  • Exceptional 24/7 customer service & technical
  • support
  • Rugged hardware and stylish design
  • Heavy duty cash drawer
  • Drop and load thermal printer
  • PCI compliant**

EMV & NFC Compatible Terminal

Free From Harbortouch

The world of payments is changing. Is your business ready? Future-proof your business with this cutting-edge payments technology


Don’t Miss Out on Mobile Payments

The mobile payment revolution is coming – is your business ready? This terminal includes near field communication (NFC) technology so that your customers can simply wave their mobile phone to pay. The number of NFC enabled phones is estimated to reach 1 billion by 2017* and it is estimated that 65% of consumers will use their phones to pay for goods by 2020!** Make sure you aren’t turning away customers because you don’t accept their preferred form of payment.

Prepare for the Shift to EMV

This terminal accepts EMV-enabled credit cards, or “smart cards”. Smart cards include an embedded microprocessor that provides powerful security features not possible with traditional magnetic stripe cards. The major card brands recently announced that they will be migrating to EMV technology in the near future due to the added security afforded by these cards. Merchants who don’t accept EMV payments will be non-compliant once these changes go into effect and will incur increased liability for data breaches. and chargebacks. With Harbortouch, you can future-proof your business and stay on the cutting edge of payments technology!

This future-proof terminal is designed for merchants demanding the latest technology, lightning fast transaction speeds, flawless performance and rock-solid security.

  • Support for all major credit and debit cards as well as smart cards, contactless cards and mobile near field communications (NFC) payment technology
  • Intuitive keypad layout with integrated
  • PCI PTS-approved
  • PIN pad PCI PTS compliant and EMV certified
  • Easy to use clamshell printer design allows drop-in loading of thermal paper rolls in just seconds


Free From Harbortouch


Mobile payments are becoming increasingly popular and Harbortouch is proud to deliver the best program out there to serve this market. To accommodate the rising use of mobile payments, Harbortouch has introduced a secure mobile payments application with a free audio jack reader or optional Bluetooth receipt printer.

Compatible with Apple, Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile devices, this application enables merchants to quickly, easily and securely accept credit and debit card payments through their smart phone or tablet, anytime, anywhere!

Harbortouch S90 Wireless Terminal

Free From Harbortouch


Free S90 Wireless Terminal

The S90 wireless terminal has been designed to offer superior wireless performance and delivers the ideal solution for businesses seeking the most effective way to complete credit card transactions off-site. The S90 is an all-in-one terminal that can accommodate all of your mobile transaction needs and Harbortouch will provide you with this high-tech equipment free of charge!

Start Taking Payments On The Go

The S90 delivers unmatched security, portability and reliability in a lightweight, handheld form factor. Perfect for delivery businesses, contractors or any other business that operates on the go, the S90 wireless terminal enables mobile retailers to bring their products and services directly to their customers. It offers robust features and an easy-to-use interface with a built-in thermal receipt printer of charge!

Cutting Edge Mobile Technology

With a large memory and a high capacity Lithium-ion rechargeable battery, the S90 is one of the most popular mobile terminals with merchants today. The S90 comes with built-in contactless, PCI PTS 3.x certification and delivers secure transactions using an ARM11 processor to support 3DES encryption technology. The powerful ARM11 microprocessor and advanced wireless connectivity configuration assure faster, reliable transactions anywhere and every time.


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