Need a New Cash Register?

new cash register

Need a New Cash Register?

new cash register

Harbortouch ECR – your New Cash Register

Harbortouch ECR integrates the most popular electronic cash registers on the market with exclusive credit card processing technology that allows you to manage all payments through a single terminal. In addition to accepting payment, track all your daily cash, check and credit card sales as well as taxable and non-taxable sales.

Harbortouch has developed a simple, easy to use online wizard to customize your register’s keypad layout prior to shipping so that you will receive your cash register fully programmed to your specifications, saving you countless hours of setup time.

Harbortouch has partnered with Casio to introduce the first electronic cash register with integrated credit card processing. Our exclusive technology delivers the ultimate payment solution and it’s yours free of charge!

Integrated Payment Processing

Each electronic cash register comes complete with a secure (PCI PED*) integrated payment terminal to enable fast and user friendly payment options. This secure device supports dial-up or IP/broadband connectivity and its sleek, compact design fits easily in the palm of your hand. With a wide array of convenient features, it is the perfect device to streamline your electronic payment system. Enjoy all the functionality of an electronic cash register with integrated credit card processing at no cost!

*PCI PED compliance indicates that this equipment meets a set of strict regulatory security requirements set forth by the PCI Security Standards Council for merchants and merchant service providers regarding the storing, processing and transmission of cardholder data.


  • Our integrated system frees up valuable counter space.
  • Consolidated reporting saves time at end-of-day reconciling.
  • One point of contact for your credit card processing support and cash register service.
  • Better serve your customers by improving speed and efficiency at the point of sale.
  • Track your daily cash, check and credit card sales as well as taxes.
  • Accept all major credit cards directly through your electronic cash register.
  • Lifetime Warranty – as long as you continue to process credit cards with Harbortouch, we will provide a replacement Casio cash register if yours breaks or malfunctions, completely free of charge!
  • Apply today – Most accounts are approved within 24 hours!

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