Harbortouch ECHO POS

15 Dec Harbortouch ECHO POS


Harbotouch Echo:
Built-for-Purpose Hardware
All-aluminum construction
13.3” touch-screen display
Super-fast flash storage
Dual-hinged stand for flexible adjustment
Integrated customer display
180° rotation allows customers to sign on screen
Innovative technology:
Apple Pay™ compatible
Customers pay conveniently and securely from their phone using Apple Pay technology.
Cloud-based reporting and POS management
Harbortouch’s cloud-based Lighthouse™ platform allows you to remotely run reports, manage labor, or update your system.
Hybrid cloud
Hybrid cloud technology provides the benefits of the cloud such as real-time reporting and redundant back-up while maintaining the advantages of a local system including faster speed and the ability to operate if internet goes down.
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